South Iceland

ATV adventure tour 1

ATV adventure tour

  • Adult - 12:30-14:30: £164.76
  • Children - 12:30-14:30: £164.76
  • Adult - 10:00-12:00: £164.76
  • Children - 10:00-12:00: £164.76

We get on our ATVs and head down to the black sands created by outbursts of the volcano Katla. After enjoying amazing views of the Atlantic Ocean, Dyrhólaey, and the Mýrdalsjökull glacier towards the north, we continue to the plane wreck of Sólheimasandur. From there, we ride along the river towards the foot of the mountains and into some of...

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Delicious Golden Circle Food tour

Delicious Golden Circle Food tour

  • Adult - English: £193.80
  • Youth - English: £193.80
  • Child - English: £144.88

Experience Icelandic food straight from the farm to the table as you explore some of the most popular natural landmarks Iceland has to offer. See Þingvellir National Park a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2004 where the Icelandic parliament, Alþingi, was created in 930 A.D. and where earth's crust splits into the Eurasian and North American...

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Glacier Discovery 1

Glacier Discovery

  • Adults - 13:00-15:30: £67.74
  • Children - 13:00-15:30: £67.74

Experience an extraordinary landscape full of glacier ice, deep crevasses and water cauldrons on this easy and informative 2-2.5 hour Glacier Walk on Sólheimajökull glacier. Your certified and experienced guide will share interesting facts about the glacier and lead you through the labyrinth of ice formations

Icelandic Lava Show

Icelandic Lava Show

  • Adults - 13:30-14:10: £30.09
  • Child - 13:30-14:10: £18.39
  • Adults - 17:00-17:40: £30.09
  • Child - 17:00-17:40: £18.39

Get a taste of a volcano eruption in the first and only live lava show in the world! Experience real molten lava as it is poured into the showroom. You see the lava flowing, hear it sizzling and feel the heat that radiates from it. It is an experience unlike anything else in the world and a must-see when you are in Iceland – the land of ice and...

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Secret lagoon near the village of Flúðir in South Iceland

Secret Lagoon and Northern Lights Hunt

  • Adult - 18:00-01:00: £102.87
  • Youth - 18:00-01:00: £52.27

Visit the Secret Lagoon and discover the rugged charm of an Icelandic open air geothermal bath, enjoy sampling Icelandic cuisine with a delicious buffet-style dinner and experience the magical dance of the Northern lights

Snowmobile tour on Mýrdalsjökull glacier 1

Snowmobile tour on Mýrdalsjökull glacier

  • Adult - 12:30-13:30: £164.76
  • Children - 12:30-13:30: £164.76
  • Adult - 15:00-16:00: £164.76
  • Children - 15:00-16:00: £164.76
  • Adult - 10:00-11:00: £164.76
  • Children - 10:00-11:00: £164.76

A stunning snowmobile tour on Mýrdalsjökull in the south of Iceland. We take you up to the ice field in a huge glacier truck capable of driving in all conditions. After getting on our snowmobiles, we head up to the top of the glacier where, if conditions allow, we enjoy amazing views over south Iceland. Riding on a snowmobile is a fun way to...

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Explore colourful caves and incredible rock formations by boat

Westman Islands Heimaey Circle boat tour

  • Adult - 12:00-13:30: £50.18
  • Youth - 12:00-13:30: £45.16

The spectacular islands are yours to discover through the ocean waters. Take a journey by boat through the island archipelago laying on the mid-Atlantic rift that has been shaped and shifted after thousands of years of volcanic eruptions