Spritz on Sunset

Sunset boat tour with spritz

  • Adult - 19:00-20:15: £15.04
  • Children - 19:00-20:15: £13.38

Venetian aperitiv by boat in St. Mark's Basin

The Doge's Palace

The Doge's Palace (Skip the Line)

  • Adult - 10:45-12:00: £35.12
  • Adult - 14:15-15:30: £35.12

Since far back in time, a majestic building and architectural masterpiece greeted the ships coming from the lagoon: The Doge's Palace, the place where the Duke and his Council used to rule the Republic of the Serenissima.
Today, the symbol of Venice and its power is still standing in all of its beauty and majesty, everyday taking...

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Murano & Burano Islands Tour

The Islands of the Lagoon: Murano & Burano

  • Adult - 11:00-15:00: £16.72
  • Child - 11:00-15:00: £8.36

People travelling to Venice can not leave without visiting the gems of the lagoon: the glass island of Murano and the fishermen island of Burano

Tour of Castello District

Tour of Castello District

  • 1: £309.45
  • 3: £104.54
  • 4: £79.45
  • 5: £62.72
  • 6: £53.52
  • 7: £45.99
  • 8: £40.14
  • 2: £154.72

Enjoy a really special tour of Venice: explore the Castello district and dive into the real Venetian life.
In this area you will discover the traditional Venice: the narrow calli and the small shops contribute to the creation of a charming atmosphere of the past

Underground Venice: Legends & Ghosts of Venice

Underground Venice: Legends & Ghosts of Venice

  • Adult - 19:00-21:00: £33.45
  • Adult - 17:00-19:00: £33.45

During this tour you will visit an underground crypt that has been forgotten for years, illuminated by the light of a candle

Venice at dawn

Venice Early morning Pastry Food Tour

  • Adult - 06:45-08:45: £47.66
  • Adult - 07:45-09:45: £47.66

This tour will make you appreciate the real beauty of Venice, when St. Mark’s Square is still empty and illuminated by the first morning lights. You will enjoy a great breakfast with three of the best pastry shops of the city

Doge's Palace

Venice PM tour with skip the line Doge's Palace and gondola

  • Adult: £75.27
  • Child: £27.60

An afternoon tour to explore the Venice of the Doges through its symbolic palace and a pleasant walk. The tour is composed of two parts: during the first one, we will visit the famous Doge’s Palace. The second part of the tour will take us off the beaten track discovering the hidden treasures of Venice, as well as the quieter and more charming...

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Venice Spritz Time

Venice Spritz Time

  • Adult: £12.54

“Having a spritz together” as Venetians used to say, is the perfect pause between work and dinner—to catch up without having to commit to a full evening together

Verona in 1 day from Venice

Verona in 1 day from Venice

  • Per Person: £149.69

A full day tour from Venice to discover the eternal city of Verona

Walking Tour & Gondola Ride

Walking Tour & Gondola Ride

  • Adult - 09:00-11:30: £46.83
  • Child - 09:00-11:30: £27.60

This tour will take you right to the heart of Venice, visiting the famous water city from two unique perpectives: first through a walking tour, which will take us among some of the most beautiful and hidden places surrounding St Mark's Square. Then, through a gondola ride which will make us marvel in front of the games of reflections and...

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